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Aurorea: Cantrips & Clockwork

posted Dec 6, 2011, 11:53 PM by Daniel Shaw
For those of you who will be playing in the one shot this weekend, please feel free to grab the State of the World setting document below. It's hastily scrawled, and a few pages have been lost due to work computer issues, but it should serve as a good introduction to the Aurorea of the "Gearwork Age". Consider it unfinished but "complete" as there is always more I could add. 

For character creation, here will be the process: You'll be able to pick from a few sets of pre-generated stats that you can plug in as you like, you'll then be able to select race and class (race entries can be found on this website). Characters will be level 4, but equivalent gold/special items for level will not be provided, just basic equipment. Backgrounds will be quickly generated as a loose framework through a roll system and then a you'll randomly select a card that will tell you how, in general terms, you got to where the game started. You can fill in anything else about your character's background as you wish through play. I will have multiple computers available with Hero Lab running to speed up character creation, but it will help if you have a general idea of class/feats/skills you wish to have. 

Each player will have 2 markers that they can use to make a simple declaration to affect the game. These should not be too specific. Something like "This shopkeep looks familiar to me" is good. This will allow you to flesh out your background in the world and it's people a little more as you play or make things more exciting/fun/interesting during the course of the game.
Daniel Shaw,
Dec 6, 2011, 11:53 PM