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People and Places

posted Jan 30, 2011, 1:10 AM by Daniel Shaw
Wow... I am really behind on updates for this site. I apologize to everyone who checks this place on a regular basis... all two of you. Still, I have toiled away to bring some much needed new content to the table. The continental map for Elesia, primary stomping ground for all the current gaming groups, has been posted in the "On the Continents and Nations" section. In addition, I have added the questing NPCs for both parties to the Companions section. Please note, I have begun to refer to the Heroes of Thursday's game as the Dreamers (you all probably know why), while the Sunday game is the Wanderers. These names are subject to change, and is only there to give me a short hand to refer to each group of characters. Now: I'm going to catch some shut eye, but I promise to be better about updating this site more often in the future.