On Companions and Compatriots

There are times that you may find yourself adventuring with others, new soul. The gods know that everyone needs someone to watch their back, and you will find that my friends and I are not so unique. Many who seek fortune or adventure, as well as those who simply wish to get from one town to another unmolested, seek out partners and friends. My friends compliment my abilities, while I do the same for them. I am unable to call upon the gods like Torin does, but you'll find that I can fill my purse easily enough with tokens of appreciation from worn and weary tavern goers. Perhaps you, too, may find yourself traveling with your own companions, both temporary and less so, in the future.
Companions of the Dreamers

Rion Swifter - Thief, trap finder, and representative of the Shadow Brotherhood, Rion Swifter is a plucky rogue with more than a few tricks up his sleeve.
Vail Algalen- A paladin with a dark patron, Vail strives to defend the innocent, while tormented by the nature of good and evil.

Compatriots of the Wanderers

Shroud- Blind bowman and tracker, Shroud struggles to find his place in a world where he will always be an outsider.