On Faith and Deities

  Ahh, the Gods. What's that? No I meant to speak in the plural form. Really? Perhaps where you come from there is but one, but we have many here and they make their presence known. Not all follow the Gods, or any particular god for that matter. Some people would rather follow an ideal. Some worship one, while others worship many, and there is often arguments over what their true names are. Regardless of the details, you'll find that faith, and the benefits of faith, are quite important and tangible in Aurorea. It would be foolish to allow you to wander around without basic knowledge of something so intrinsic to the people of my world, new soul. I would be remiss if I did nothing to teach you. Perhaps you'll find that Gods are similar, no matter their dwelling place. 

    The Gods. Much of fate is blessed or cursed in their names, and their plans or whims are always in question. Although the basic nature of the gods is known to all, only the truly faithful have come to learn the dynamic personalities of these enigmatic beings. From these pages, a faithful adept can gain the knowledge they need to serve their god fully.

    The Gods of Aurorea fall into three echelons. The first echelon consists of The High Lord and The Low Lord, the creators of Aurorea, who each compose an opposite end of the theological spectrum.

    The second echelon if formed of their children. The High Lord’s children: Quara, Draylin, and Veltora, compose the ruling class of the gods of light. The Low Lord’s children: Lothos, Deros, and Mediva, compose the ruling class of the dark gods. 

    Light gods of the second echelon have two lieutenants, gods that were once mortal. These six: Mirak, Jetana, Danterus, Mordantus, Nasram, and Furlaw, are composed of the greatest paragons of the First Age of Heroes. Their deeds garnered the attention of their patron deities, who raised them to a state of grace.
    Dark gods of the second echelon also promoted six mortals to a state of godhood: Iriae, Boraz, Reave, Seeranus, Demortalis, and Ayman. As evil as the Heroes of the First Age were good, these gods were the foulest and evilest men and women of their age.
    When referring to a god’s rank specifically, one normally says “_____ of the Second”, or “______ of the Third”. No one need to refer to the High or Low Lord’s rank. 

    The following pages will give cursory descriptions of the gods, for use in the Aurorean game world.
The Gods of Light- The noble Gods of Light, beloved of the people of Aurorea, are described upon this page.
The Gods of Darkness - The baleful Gods of Darkness, feared by the people of the world appear here.
Niros: The God of Death - The God of Death, the Reaper, the Hooded One, The Hourglass Maid. All of these names are for one god, the omnipresent Niros.
Natarhn: The Forgotten God - The Red King, third brother of creation. Said by his followers to have been betrayed and imprisoned by the Lords in the Fae Wyld, pray this god is only a myth.