Niros: The God of Death

As the The High Lord and the Low Lord completed their massive undertaking, the creation of the world of Aurorea, another entity of power arrived into the realm of the gods: Niros, the god of death. Niros is of neither the High Lord, nor the Low Lord, and claims to pre-date them, traveling to Aurorea from another realm. The enigmatic god of death arrived, a shadow across newly formed creation, with a simple message: death had come to Aurorea. Nothing can escape it. All things die, and thus all things belong to Niros.
    The hooded reaper was quick to lay down the rules to the Gods of this world: If they were intent to create their own realm, then they would be bound within it, and would no longer be allowed to travel the realms of the multiverse. All the souls of creation would share the Lords' internment, forever to be born and reborn again on the world below. As an individual dies on Aurorea, their soul is gathered up by Niros and returned to "The stream": the aurora band encircling the world. There the lingering energies of creation would renew and restore the soul until it could be reincarnated on the world below.
    While The High Lord and Low Lord contested Niros' claim, they feared the dark god as well. Lying beyond their realm on influence, the Hooded One seemed to hold the power to destroy the Lords as well as their creations. Fearing Niros' retribution if they refused, the Lords agreed to the terms set by the the shadowy interloper.

    Niros does not crave death, or spread death maliciously. It is not evil, nor good. Niros, like the death it personifies, simply is. As fundamental to life as birth, and as ubiquitous as air, Niros is a force of nature as much as a god.

    Niros is a neutral god, and is not normally interested in accepting followers, though there are legends of those who work in Niros' name to as agents of the god of death on Aurorea. Niros despises undead in all their forms, taking a special dislike to liches, as the god of death feels that they mock the reaper's most well known form. When Niros' followers are found, they are often hunters of undead and undying, bringing the finality of their god to those that would attempt to escape it.

    While Niros' visage as a cloaked and hooded skeleton wielding a scythe is an enduring image in Aurorean lore, there are just as many stories that describe the god taking the form of a beautiful young woman with jet black hair holding an hour glass, or wearing an hour glass pendant. Both the scythe and the hourglass are well known symbols of the Hooded One, and either might be used to represent the reaper.

    In the rare case that Niros accepts a cleric into his service (Only with GM permission), a priest may select the domains of Death, Glory, Knowledge, and Repose.