Antoch & its Outskirts

The Unak'shar
Known colloquially as "the Sandmen", the Unak'shar live in the barren wastes and shifting dunes of the Shar'i'Quan desert, south of the Continental Mountains. Wearing dun-colored robes and armor, and sporting sharp hooked weapons designed to pin shields or pry up armor, the Unak'shar are fearsome warriors well suited to their desert environment. Living in sandstone canyons in homes burrowed into the ground and roofed with adobe brick, the Unak'Shar have adapted to their environment so deeply that the shifting and elusive nature of the desert has permeated their culture.  The sandmen only speak deceptively to outsiders, often opening conversations by answering questions with more questions, or speaking only in falsehoods.
Artan: Caran, or chief, of the Hidden Dunes house of Unak'shar, Artan is a whipcord thin man with a narrow face that belies the kindness he harbors towards strangers. Hidden Dunes has long been an odd example of the Unak'shar, having formed friendships with outsiders and opening trade with some of the merchant caravans that have passed through the dangerous byways of the Shar'i'Quan. The Dreamers met Artan while in the employ of Kaiser Xaraxes, guarding the dwarf's caravan as it moved south to Antoch. Artan and Kaiser appeared to be old friends.
The People of Three Wells
Bamtak Merkiv: A knight of Jeniere's 7th Lance, known as the Shining 7th, Bamtack is an imposing man of  nearly 7 feet tall with a mane of curly red hair and a beard upon his face.  With a large and close family that lives in Three Wells, Bamtak has spent much of the past 2 years with his kin and away from the realm of Jeniere. With 5 sons and 3 daughters, Bamtak lives in a sprawling home with his father and grandfather, Old Man Merkiv. Quick to laugh and jest, and naturally lighthearted, Bamtak is a fierce competitor.
Old Man Merkiv (The Red Warlord)
Tiramin Kree: