Important People of Areoll

Areoll is an important trade town int eh Unaligned Kingdom of Lenneth. Settled in one of the few traversable paths from the coast of Elesia, over the White Cliff Mountains, to the interior of the continent, Areoll is an important trading and caravan town.

Important People of Areoll

Judicar Oleum: a high justice, or judge, who lives in Areoll, he is in his late sixties with steel gray hair and long mustaches. By power of the King of Sudora, Oleum settles any dispute regarding the laws in Areoll and the Lenneth province.

The Knight Templars: The peacekeeping force in Areoll. They are lead by Knight Templar Captain Jenns. There are currently 30 members of the Templars in Areoll.

Elector-Count Zerial: The ruler of Areoll and surrounding province of Lenneth. He is formidable man in his early forties, with a strong, powerful body won of many a months in battle. Though low in the ranks of Elector-Counts, Zerial is a powerful, but just, individual. His keep lies 14 miles north of town, against the mountainside.

Warden Weslan: A half-elven ranger, native of Areoll, and warden of the Lenneth Province. He is in charge of the forested area, as well as the overseeing all of the hunting rights in the Mendosan Mountain Range. He employs 12 rangers throughout the range.

Silas Witherton: A noble of bearing who lives in Areoll. He own 230 acres of land, and is prince of a profitable merchant convoy known as “Witherton Supplies”. He is a family man of 48 with two young daughters (Jenna, 12; and Erica, 9). Silas’ wife, Morgan, passed away 3 years ago.

Marcus Dolothain: The Blacksmith and Tanner in Areoll. He is a family man of 52, with two grown sons: Gent, and Dex. His wife, Lisera, helps in the leather working part of their business. Friend of Fenith the Silversmith, one of the victims of a murderer.

Master Ricker: A wizard of some repute, who runs a school for the “gifted” in Areoll. He is a wizened old man of 67, with a long white beard. Known as the “Red Mage” to some, due to his flamboyant choice of robes, Master Ricker is a beloved individual to many in the community. He often helps the Knight Templars on their cases, and visits poor families, bringing them food.

Norien the Apothecary: A known healer and herbologist, Norien makes her home in Areoll. She runs an Apothecary shop, selling herbs, tonics, and tinctures in the Marketplace of Areoll. She is a middle-aged woman with long black hair and green eyes.

Jonathan Nichols: The owner and operator of the Howling Banshee Inn. He is the most prominent business owner in Areoll, next to Silas Witherton. The Howling Banshee is the town’s busiest inn in the Tavern District. Perhaps due to his popularity, Jonathan is often the one to speak out on issues in Areoll, and is known for his knowledge of the lands outside of Sudora. A balding man of 36, Jonathan seems to always have a smile on his face, and a mug of his finest ale in his hands.

Meltin the Knife: A shady underworld moneylender and crime lord. Meltin sits at a table covered with things he has carved into it with his knife. He is a grizzled older man with an eye patch over his right eye. Over his shoulder, one can see the “Brute”, a large six-foot, dark-skinned man with rope bindings over his biceps. Meltin can be found in a seedy tavern called the Spitting Dragon.

Horus: Innkeeper of the Spitting Dragon, a seedy dive in the Tavern District. He seems to be in shady business with Meltin the Knife.

Logran Graves: Another moneylender in Areoll. Logran is a foul-mouthed dwarf with a shaved, tattooed head. He has a cadre of veiled female assassins that he uses to enforce his dealings with individuals. He is a patron of the Muddy Nest, a bar located in the Tavern District.

Evan Lightner: A cleric employed by the Knight Templars, Evan provides his services free of charge to those who are members of the peacekeeping force. In return the Knight Templars provide Evan with room and board. Evan will also perform his services for anyone… for the appropriate fee.

Important Establishments of Areoll

The Spitting Dragon Tavern
The Spitting Dragon has been in Business for 8 years.
Owner: Unknown. Believed to be owned by Meltin the Knife. It has been owned by a number of people before the current owner.

The Muddy Nest
The Muddy Nest is a Bar that has been in business for 5 years.
Owner: Sithil Koras, a half-elven woman.

The Merc hants Guild
The Merchants Guild has been operating for as long as Areoll has existed. It is a conclave that holds many records and collects taxes from merchants. A merchant may also come to the guild looking to hire a guard.
Owner: The Merchant Guild has no owner, but is typically run by the head clerk: Othos.

The Courthouse
The Courthouse is the location of all official trials in the Lenneth Province.
Owner: Judicar Oleum is the j
udge who preside s over trials held in Areoll.

The Apothecary Shop
The Apothecary Shop has been in business for 19 years.
Owner: Norien, a human woman who is a known healer in Areoll.

Master Ricker’s School of Magic and Sorcery
The School of Magic has been in Business for 10 years.
Owner: Master Ricker, the Red Mage.

The Howling Banshee Inn
The Howling Banshee has been in business for 13 years.
Owner: Jonathan Nichols

People of the Howling Banshee

Polonius Quick: The halfling bouncer of the Howling Banshee, “Mr. Quick” as he is known, is a favorite of regulars at the Inn. Brawling, fighting, and detections are banned at the Howling Banshee, and Mr. Quick is kind enough to show you the door if you try any of them. For the few individuals unfortunate enough to pull a weapon… well, they don’t call him Mr. Quick for nothing.

Reginald Lordly
: An eager young gnome, Reginald is the head cook at the Inn. His dishes are generally regarded with great esteem, especially his famous “Blackfire Brisket and Biscuits”. Reginald has been cook at the Howling Banshee, ever since it’s opening 13 years ago, and it’s rumored that he and Jonathan were old adventuring buddies.

Isabelle Farun: Isabelle is the only barmaid that the Howling Banshee has. She has only been working at the Inn for a year, but seems to find right in with the motley crew. Her beauty is plain for all to see, and she sometimes has to fend off the hands of drunken patrons, however, it’s believed that she casts a loving eye at Polonius Quick, the bouncer at the Howling Banshee. Though this is a rumor at best, it’s true that Mr. Quick is a little rougher with those that would try and lay their hands on Isabelle.

Other Important People in Areoll

Othos Nierman: Othos is the head clerk of the Merchant’s Guild in Areoll, a position that he has held for close to 20 years. Before he was Head Clerk he went through many positions at the guild, even retaining an analyst position for a short time. This position allowed him to travel with caravans all over the world and is therefore very knowledgeable about customs and traditions throughout Stratum’s various countries. Othos will also examine able-bodied individuals and pronounce them acceptable Merchant Guild caravan guards. Rates are typically 10 gold for every day traveled, but rates may increase with danger or demand.

Sithil Koras: An elf of the Sirivan realm of Ru’nonethien, Sithil has lived in Areoll for 8 years. Sithil purchased the Muddy Nest as it was going under, revitalized it, and turned it into a profitable business. One of the few straight taverns in Areoll, Sithil is able to focus more revenue on obtaining the finest spirits instead of maintaining rooms for guests. It is also rumored that the Muddy Nest is the place to go to pick up “company” for the night, though Sithil herself has no part of this. It is often wondered why Sithil puts up with Logran Graves, the rude dwavern moneylender, and his cadre of black robed women. Rumor, however, is that Logran and Sithil have a history together, and that she owes him her life. A stunningly beautiful woman with long white-blond hair, Sithil enjoys running the Muddy Nest, and is destined to stay in Areoll for a long time to come.

The Harlequins: The cadre of veiled female assassins known as the Harlequins are run by Logran Graves, a foul-mouthed dwarf who frequents the Muddy Nest. Though their status as assassins and thieves is really only a rumor, it is a rumor that Logran encourages. Proof cannot be found as to their activities, and so The Knight Templars have not harassed them. Indeed, an uneasy truce seems to exist between them.

Maxim Qwreery
: Elector-Count Zerial’s chief attendant and advisor, Maxim is rod thin older man who is always ready to attend to any of his employer’s needs. Indeed, Maxim and Zerial have become friends over the years that they have spent together, and Maxim is the strong right arm that Zerial needs to help him govern. Maxim often dispatches orders to most who do not need to see Zerial directly, and Maxim is responsible for many of the Elector-Count’s pet projects, including the training of his youngest ward, a female elf being trained in the arts of subterfuge.

Simon Dramoth: A senior member of the school’s student body, Simon is the son of local glassblowers. Simon’s wizardly skills are focused on the creation of magic items, a subject that he excels at in class.

Warren Renthal: Another senior member of the school, at 19 years of age, Warren’s cheerful nature belies his true magical calling: that of necromancy. Warren’s pale skin and dark black hair give him a very macabre appearance, one that fits well when one knows his specialty.

Thomas Paine: Thomas is a handsome young man of 23, with brown hair and dark blue eyes. Working closely with Master Ricker, Thomas has begun to specialize in the talent of divination. Thomas has a cheerful demeanor that barely hides his thirst for knowledge; a trait seems to be the core of his personality. A broker of information, Thomas is known to always be aware of the many rumors at the school.

Lokan Revaldi: Conjuration. It is the core of school of battle mages, and Lokan wishes to be the greatest. With Sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, Lokan can often be seen in the rear courtyard, mastering his skills with a spear, and well as his skills with his magic. At 20 years old, Lokan seems sure to be invited to join the Coven, the shadowy band of mercenary battle mages who sell their services as an army to any who will pay the right amount of coin.

Cage Ailen: One of the younger senior members of the school, Cage has chosen not to focus his studies to any one school of magic. Due to the fact that he need not delve into the secrets of any one area, Cage has risen to the top ranks of Master Ricker’s school at the age of 16. Cage can be very reserved at times, a probable result of losing his parents at a young age, but he is otherwise a very active and public member of the school. Cage often goes with Master Ricker on recruiting drives every spring.

Jonas Tigris: To some, conjuration and alteration are the schools of choice for a young wizard, but Jonas Tigris sees only time wasted, time forgotten. A devout student of the mysterious and confusing school of Chronomancy, Jonas is rarely seen outside his quarters besides those times when he wishes to eat. Master Ricker could only set Jonas on the path he sought, and now Jonas often confers magically with the few masters of Chronomancy in the Unaligned Kingdoms. If he were to emerge from his room, Jonas would practically have a harem of women chasing after him, for he is a truly striking young man. However, his pale green eyes do not seek out women, for he has eyes only for the secrets of time.