Those Encountered on the Grand Avenue of Horidar

    The Grand Avenue is truly a wonder of Aurorea: a massive tunnel carved through the Continental Mountains, allowing passage from the Unaligned Kingdoms in the north of Elesia to the verdant forests and fields of Antoch in the south. This thoroughfare stretches for miles and miles, lighted by magical dwarflights that mimic the  external world's passage of time. While one must pay a toll to travel this dwarven wonder, doing so will allow them to bypass the dangerous ice-covered peaks and Frost Drakes of the Continental Mountains' overland passes.
    Merchants and service workers, both permanent and temporary, line the vast 50 foot ceilinged tunnel of the Grand Avenue, providing every conceivable good and service for the right price. While it should be noted that all races are welcome on the Grand Avenue, it must be said that Gefkani are still considered little more than monsters to the long lived dwarves. The winged race is welcome only if they are accompanied by a "master" (either true or symbolic) who is responsible for the Gefkani while they remain on the Avenue. Provided that they are, Gefkani may enjoy many of the same opportunities and activities as the other races on the Avenue.
    The High Temple of Furlaw, as well as Frostreach (also known as Frost Hammer Palace), the palace of King Myson of Horidar, can be found on the Grand Avenue.

The Important People Encountered Along the Grand Avenue

Vindus, Grandmaster of the Shadow Brotherhood- Vindus is a dwarf in the later years of his life, his black hair and braided beard showing liberal streaks of gray and silver. Having stood as the Grandmaster of the enigmatic thieves guild know as the Shadow Brotherhood for better than 500 years, Vindus has seen great dangers come and go. He is a focused man, intent on the Brotherhood's secret agenda: maintain normalcy, enforce the status quo, and ensure that the lives of sentients are not ended or interrupted by the things lurking in the darkness. The Dreamers encountered Vindus after being arrested for an altercation upon the Grand Avenue that resulted in the death of Vartigar, the enforcer of the Draketouched raiders, as the sorcerer attempted to end the life of Wymar Royce, leader of the Shadow Brotherhood's North Hold chapter. Easily bailing the Dreamers out of their jail cells, Vindus was responsible for dispatching the Dreamers to deal with the Tunnel Viper infestation that threatened to destroy the avenue.
Warren- A "cutter" in the employ of the Shadow Brotherhood, this young dwarf with a clean shaven face first met the Dreamers as they were brought to the hidden and hallowed halls of the enigmatic guild's primary chapter house within Horidar. Displaying the skills of a thief and assassin, Warren is quick to use knives, bombs, and poisons to end the threats he faces. Warren came to know the Dreamers as they worked to end the threat of the Tunnel Vipers in the long forgotten tunnels and chambers of the mines beneath the Grand Avenue. After the successful defeat of the priests of Lothos who appeared to be controlling the actions of the Tunnel Vipers, Warren disappeared back into the throngs of people moving through the avenue, leaving the Dreamers to take all credit for the daring protection of the ancient thoroughfare.
Gilcrest Qasemere- A sirivan elf from the kingdom of Tidera, Glicrest's fair features are especially stark in contrast to his companion Rodan. Clad in mithril chainmail and wearing a tabard proclaiming him as a representative of Tidera, Gilcrest approached the Dreamers requesting that they end their meddling in his country's affairs. Gilcrest spent much time attempting to convince the Dreamers that their view of his homeland was flawed. Tidera is not evil, he argued, it is simply creating a new order to bring peace and the gifts of the gods to the other people of Aurorea. Perhaps misguided, and perhaps a fool, Gilcrest nonetheless proved his convictions by assisting the Dreamers with destroying the Tunnel Vipers and their Lothosian masters, while protecting the people of Horidar's Grand Avenue.  Parting ways peacefully with the Dreamers after emerging from the depths of the forgotten dwarven reaches, Gilcrest hoped that he would see them all again, not as opponents on the opposite side of the battlefield, but as friends.
Rodan- A powerful barbarian of the tribes south or Tidera, Rodan learned to fight and ride at a young age before Tidera took over it's surrounding provinces, and bringing Rodan's people into the fold. Since that day, the towering barbarian and pledged his service to his newfound home nation. Topping 6 and a half feet tall of muscle and sinew, and sporting a topknot and long, braided goatee, Rodan was an imposing figure. Wielding the native two handed glaive of the horse clans, Rodan was a terror in combat. It was surprising that Rodan accompanied the soft-spoken Gilcrest on their quest to change the perspective that the Dreamers had of Tidera. Despite his professed interest in "Always wanting to kill a North-man", Rodan worked closely with Bjorn of the Dreamers while trying to end the threat of the Tunnel Vipers beneath the Grand Avenue of Horidar. Sadly, Rodan died while saving children trapped by a lava flow in the aftermath of the Tunnel Vipers' destruction, cooked alive while wading through the molten rock to toss the young ones to safety. The last of his stamina and strength spent, and with his skin and flesh sloughing from the bone in the extreme heat, Rodan collapsed into the lava, sacrificing himself for others.
Crimson- A tall and massive man in red-hued armor, Crimson has a face both simpler and more blended of features than the average man. His visage holds glimpses of the broadness of the Dwarves as well as the angled, high cheekbones of the elves. Claiming to be thousands of years old, the man with downy blonde hair states that he is the Priestlord of Natarhn, The Red King, a being that may or may not be a forgotten god as old as the High and Low Lords. Possessing of great magical power, and gifting each of the Dreamers with a single use gift to foresee an action that would bring about their demise, it is surprising that the priest was trapped beneath Horidar for possible countless ages. While the truth of The Red King is not known, Crimson was devout in his worship and called upon the Dreamers to help him resolve the concern the Tunnel Vipers presented, a danger he feels he may have brought about when he escaped his prison of rock deep beneath Horidar in the Continental Mountains.
Ryn Felwynd- A noble-born knight of Dracmore in Barivia, Ryn was a middle aged man of thin stature and whipcord musculature, with dark hair and a hawkish nose. Charged on his honor as a knight to prevent entry into the High Temple of Furlaw, Ryn made the the dificult decision to keep his word by discarding his knighthood to allow the Dreamers entry to the High Temple, hoping that the young  heroes would be able to end the threat the poison plague of Lothos had wrought upon the priesthood. Laying his intricately carved armor upon the ground, Ryn relinquished his claim to his ancestral home and status, and bade the heroes farewell, requesting that they send word if their actions are successful.
Bastrian, Priestlord of Furlaw- Head of the Furlawnian priesthood, Bastrian is a quiet and dour man who speaks in heavily accented common. Muscled as a young rider from the clans south of Tidera, Bastrian's skin is dark as teak and his long dark hair falls below his shoulders. Despite being clean shaven, Bastrian's habit of walking the High Temple of Furlaw shirtless makes him seem every inch the barbarian of his upbringing. As priestlord, Bastrian has access to the knowledge and personalities of all previous Priestlords of Furlaw. Meeting the Dreamers as he attempted to protect the remainder of his flock from a Lothosian poison that spread like a plague, Bastrian appreciated the heroes valor and courage. With the help of the Dreamers, and the temporary gift of Taba Cousland's wild magic, Bastrian was able to defeat a godspawn made of a drop of Lothos' blood, ending it's threat to the temple of Furlaw. In thanks for their actions, which may have caused the destruction of his entire order, Bastrian promised the Dreamers the assistance of a Crusade (1000 faithful fighting men and women of Furlaw) if ever they have need of it while in the pursuit of a just cause.
King Taddeus Myson- Famed ruler of the Idar dwarves, Taddeus is from a long ancestral line of kings and rulers of the Myson line and can trace his ancestry back to King Fronigar Myson, who united the Idar and created Frostreach, now commonly called Frost Hammer Palace. A man of simple tastes, Taddeus's dark brown hair, slowly turning to gray, is kept unornamented save for a simply white-gold circlet upon his brow. His clothes are often simple, homespun, workmanlike garments that bely the power and dignity of his station. Famed throughout Aurorea as a master of divination magic, King Myson can glimpse actions happening leagues away with farsight, as well as glimpses of possible futures. Grateful to the Dreamers for their actions  saving the grand avenue and his citizens, Taddeus granted each of the dreamers a fortune in gold and gems, as well as a pin to identify them as personal friends of the king, and a scroll they may use to call once upon the king's personal guard: 250 warriors and defenders of great skill and heavy armor.
Draskius Fretahn- A half-elf of middling height and medium brown hair, Draskius is a representative of The Coven, a famed mercenary army of battle mages. Arriving with a group of footman and coven members to recruit Zirul of The Dreamers, Draskius was not easily refused. Despite Fretahn's offer of riches, Zirul refused to leave his friends for the mandatory year of training necessary to become a member of the spellcasting mercenaries.  Draskius, never one to allow a promising caster to decline the Coven and offer their skills to another group, attacked the Dreamers with a mix of sword and sorcery. After a protected struggle, the Dreamers were able to kill the magus and intimidate the remaining members of The Coven into leaving. Taking Draskius' body into their possession, the Coven members warned The Dreamers that their conflict was not over before leaving with the body of their fallen  leader.
Kaiser Xaraxas- An Idar merchant of moderate wealth and renown, the Dreamers encountered the brown-haired dwarf with the southron drawl when making arrangements to depart the Grand Avenue. Hearing of their exploits, and noting the pins that idenitified them as friends of King Myson, Kaiser quickly hired the adventurers as guards for his caravan's journey to Anturan. Kaiser has shown himself to be an affable and good natured fellow, quick to grin and make light, but this nature seems to be at odds with the secretiveness that he has displayed when questioned about the additional security and support he has armed the caravan with, as well as the princely sum of 2000 gold pieces per man that he promised the Dreamers for their assistance. An upstanding member of the merchant guilds, Kaiser is loathe to risk his position by transporting felons or bandits, but is willing to overlook the eccentric actions of the Dreamers in exchange for their protection.
Jentharos Hihbron- Kaiser's captain of the guard, the fair skinned and dark haired Jentharos has proven himself to be both a capable fighter, as well as a singer and an a excellent player of the lap harp and flute. Capable and self-assured, Jentharos shows a rare poise and control for those that make their way as sellswords or singers. Taking the time to get to know the Dreamers, Jentharos has begun to write and sing songs of the heroes, matching their exploits to the tune of "The Red Warlord's Ride", a rousing song that is very popular in the northern reaches of Antoch and the Unaligned Kingdoms. The Dreamers have recently learned that Jentharos is actually Jentharos Vandemaar, the acknowledged and legitimized bastard of the Elector-Count of Reikstag, a province in the west of Aurorea. Jentharos was raised at his father's holdfast during the first 5 years of his life before his father sent him north to the Unaligned Kingdoms for education and a life away from the court of Antoch. As Elector-Count Golrondus Vandemaar was on his death bed, a rheumatic fever cutting his life short, the count legitimized his bastard son, as all other branches of his family tree had withered. Jentharos returned from the Unaligned Kingdoms to take his father's place on the Antan Lord's Council.