On the Continents and Nations

It is widely believed by the denizens of this world that there are six continents: Elesia, Truvera, Leo Sange, Verdant Pointe, MoorVirr, and Barivia. Personally, I think we have four continents and a lot of politicking, but my opinion was not asked. It's possible that there is more that has not been discovered, and surely there are a large number of islands and island chains that still retain their mystery, but cartographers are at least in agreement on the six. I will do my best to tell you of them, and the nations on them. It is, after all, best to know when you are about to stumble into unfriendly territory.

The Continent of Elesia -The western most continent on a map of Aurorea. Elesia is home to the human kingdom of Antoch, as well as the homelands of the Dwarves, Halflings, and Sirivan Elves. A large number of city-states and fiefdoms also reside here.
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