On the Races of the World

Good. I am glad to see that spot of trouble behind us. This all used to be fine, fertile land before the War of Ascension. Now it is nothing more than a filthy, muddy mess, infested with Jetheriss scum. Hmmm? Jetheriss? Oh, just one of the many races to be found in Aurorea. Those small reptiles we fought are called skinks. They are the result of foul magic that the Jetheriss used on their young. While I’m on the subject I guess that I should teach you of all of the myriad races of Aurorea. Before I do, take this. Come now, don’t blanch. You need a weapon, and the dagger will have to do until we get you something better. Onward now, we have to get going before dark descends on us. My friends and I… ah yes, my friends. They are made up of many of the races you will meet here. Saldruil there is a Gefkani, and Kailen is Kit-Kaine. Yes, an elf! Are you familiar with elves, new soul? Torin is a dwarf, from Dweller’s Deep in Horidar. Be kind, Torin. Anne is a Halfling, though she prefers the term Kinset. And I am a man, or human I should say. You will see many of your and my kind about. Indeed, the elves are wont to say that we are more populous than is good. Watch your step there. I suppose that there are seven major races on Aurorea: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Gefkani. No, no, Jetheriss are not among them, and luckily for us, I say. Their culture and power is passing into antiquity. I will speak more about them, as well as the Fae later. Here, take my hand. That spot of mud is a bit deep. Ahh… good. Are you alright? Then let us begin.

Humans - The most populous of Aurorea's races.
Elves - The Lithuin, the first awoken. Oldest of the races that still dominate the continents of the land of light.
Half-Elves - The half-breed children of elves and men, Half-Elves often struggle to find their way in the world.
Dwarves - The unyielding people born below the mountains.
Halflings - The little folk of Aurorea. A dualistic race of wanderers.
Gefkani - A race of membranous winged humanoids. They were created for a dark purpose, but rebelled against their evil master.
Gnomes - Tinkers and thinkers, gnomes are the great, and not so great, inventors of Aurorea.
Jetheriss- An optional race only allowed at GM discretion, Jetheriss are an arrogant race of lizardlike natural spellcasters who are being pulled inexorably towards extinction.