Half human and half elf, these poor individuals are often outcasts of society. A hardy lot, the half-elves of Aurorea share the long life of their elven parents and the open-mindedness of their human parents. Though the circumstances of their birth may range from a happy marriage to a brutal rape, half-elves often find themselves restricted to the outsider status, never fully at home with either race.

    To most humans, half-elves symbolize all that is that is wrong with the elven race. A half-elf may seem aloof, arrogant, cold, and detached. Their elven ancestry and aging rate may also cause them to be seen as immature and undeveloped. Due to their delayed aging, many human mothers may die of old age before their half-elven child reaches maturity.

    To most elves, a half-elf may seem rash, uncontrolled, and uncivilized. Their aging rate, twice that of elves, cause them to reach physical maturity before truly learning the finer points and artistry of the elven heritage.

    Despite this, half-elves have flourished in Aurorea, their population steadily growing through the ages.

Racial Properties:

    The half-elves of Aurorea stand between 5 and 6½ feet tall, with their hair and eye colors running the gamut of both their parent’s races. Half-Elves have pointed ears, with the severity of the point being
roughly midway between their parent’s ear shape. (A half-Durthu will have ears that are barely discernible from humans, while a half-Sirivan will have more prominently pointed ears.)

  • Half-Elves, must like their human parents, receives a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at first level.
  • Half-Elves are medium sized creatures, gaining no special bonuses or penalties due to size.
  • Half-Elves have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Half-Elves are highly adaptable, and receive the feat Skill Focus for one skill as a bonus feat at first level.
  • From their elven parents, half-elves have immunity to magic sleep spells and effects, and gain a +2 racial saving throw against enchantment spells or effects.
  • Half-Elves have Low Light Vision, and can see twice as far as humans in low light situations.
  • Half-Elves have the keen senses of their elven parents, and receive a +2 bonus to all Perception checks.
  • Half-Elves may select two favored classes at first level, rather than the single one normally granted.
  • Half-Elves have elven blood and count as being of the elven race for magical and racial effects purposes.
  • A Half-Elf may choose the bonus class skill granted to either their human or elven parent, regardless of whether that skill would normally be granted to them by their class selection.
  • Half-Elves begin play with knowledge of Common and Elven, and are granted additional languages based on their Intelligence score.