The Halflings of Aurorea are a quick and clever people, whose opportunistic qualities are as adept at getting them into trouble as out of it. Able to make room for themselves, whether they are wanted or not, Halflings are quite adept at fitting into other race’s cultures, even the inventive and absent-minded Gnomes. A halfling’s naturally open-minded and inquisitive nature often allows them to blend seamlessly into any society they happen to come across, making them one of the most diverse cultures in Aurorea.

    It is important to note that “Halfling” is a human term. Halflings have always referred to themselves as Kinset, which is an old word for wanderer in their language. Regardless of this, Halflings don’t mind the name given them by men. Rather, they’re more interested in being noticed at all.

    The halflings of Aurorea are a people formed of duality. A long adolescence has the effect of keeping them immature and wandering for roughly the first 60 years of their lives. These child-like explorers are those most commonly found causing trouble, and has certainly has the greatest effect on the reputation of their race.

As they approach 60 years of age, a halfling begins to think more of the future, settling into a maturity that other races adopt much earlier in their life cycles. These halflings are more calm, staying out of trouble for the most part. Not all mature halflings lose their wanderlust, but few would take the wild chances and crazy risks that they might have in their youth.

    The halfling city known as Home has the highest concentration of mature halflings, who work to build a society for themselves and their families. Many young halflings depart from Home never expecting to go back, but finding their feet turning towards the city as they get older and think of having families of their own.

    It is often said that halflings are troublemakers, and it would not be untrue to say that a halfling would rather be in trouble than be bored. Having an extreme aversion to boredom, a halfling may enact pranks or commit acts of petty thievery to keep themselves entertained. This trait has caused halflings to be seen by many as the worst possible neighbors and has lead to the rumor that Halflings began creation as the offspring of humans and the fae-folk.

    Despite their reputation, halflings can be very trustworthy, mannered, and cultured individuals. Once given, their word is unbreakable. Those who find themselves in a halfling’s confidence may never find a more unfailing, steadfast companion. Often exhibiting a charm and grace seen only in elves, halflings have been known to talk themselves out of dire situations.

A    vid collectors, halflings will seek rare and wondrous items. Many start down the road to adventuring by hearing of some legendary object, and determining that they must add this to their collection. Halflings tend to be fonts of information, learning much about all that catches their interest. They can easily parlay this knowledge into an adequate influx of wealth, supplying lore to those that desire it. 

Racial Properties:

Halflings stand at about 3 feet in height, with hair color ranging from black to light brown. Their eyes are typically green or blue, but other colors are not uncommon. Halflings typically weigh between 30 to 46 pounds and have dark brown, ruddy, or pale white skin. Halflings reach maturity roughly at age 60 and can live to be 120 years old or more.

  • Halflings gain +2 to Dexterity and their Charisma, but -2 to Constitution.
  • Halflings are small sized creatures, gaining a +1 size bonus to their Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack roles, a -1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on all Stealth checks.
  • A Halfling’s base speed is 20 feet.
  • Halflings are fearless, receiving a + 2 bonus on all savings throws against fear. This bonus stacks will all other halfling saving throw bonuses.
  • Halflings gain a +1 racial bonus to all saving throws.
  • Halflings have a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Climb checks. They also receive a +2 racial bonus to all Perception checks.
  • Halflings are proficient with slings and threat any weapon with the word "Halfling" in it as a martial weapon, rather than an exotic one.
  • Halflings begin plan speaking Common and Halfling and gain additional known languages based on their Intelligence score.