Humans are the predominant race of Aurorea. They are also one of the most diverse races on the world. Most adaptable of Aurorea’s many races, humans have a diverse social and political structure. As such, Most human kingdoms form strong political and trade alliances with other nations. This trait makes most human states constantly changing affairs form the viewpoint of other races. Human lands often welcome other races openly, and predominantly human kingdoms often have citizens of every race.

    Much like their social and political viewpoints, human physical properties run the gamut. Skin color ranges from pale white to dark ebony. Human eyes can be almost any shade and color and human bodies can be tall, short, fat, thin, muscled or gaunt. Despite the similarities of humans, two cultures tend to differentiate humans.

    Civilized humans are those that are typically raised in settled areas, towns or cities. Despite the differences in country and city living, civilized humans are pretty much the same, with access to similar education and social options. In short, “civilized humans” grow up learning the customs of civilized society.

    Barbaric humans are often nomadic, tribal, and nature loving societies. Tribes tend to live in rural and forested areas, far away from the bustle of civilization. Barbaric humans have less skill in crafts that require special tools or formal training, but that does not mean that they are unintelligent savages. Barbaric humans are often far more in touch with the natural world than “civilized humans”. Please note, “barbaric humans” are not monstrous, or different in form from “civilized humans”. They just do not follow the customs and guidelines of so-called “civilized societies”.

Racial Properties:

Humans typically stand from 5 to a little over 6 feet tall though their height can very in extremes in wither direction. They can weigh anywhere from 100 to 250 pounds or greater. As stated, skin tone and eye/hair color varies greatly. Barbaric humans typically have tan to dark skin due to their long history of exposure to the sun. Humans are open-minded individuals, adventurers in particular.

  • Humans receive +2 to one ability score of their choice.
  • Humans are of medium size and therefore have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size
  • Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Humans receive a bonus feet at first level, as they are quicker to master difficult tricks or actions than other races.
  • Humans are skilled, and receive one additional skill rank at first level, as well as one additional skill rank each time they level.
  • Humans start knowing the common language and may gain additional languages based on their Intelligence bonus.
  • Civilized humans treat Sense Motive as a class skill, even if it would not normally be a granted by their class selection. This shows their history of open trade and education, as well as the streetwise lessons civilized humans must learn to thrive.
  • Barbaric humans treat Survival as a class skill, even if it would not normally be granted to them based on their class selection. As a people, barbaric humans have had to learn how to survive on little in the open wilderness.