The Tale of the Dreamers

There are sometimes stories of individuals who have shaped the world in unexpected and dramtaic ways. This is one of those stories. The Dreamers were unlikely allies. Pulled from all walks of life and united by dreams of a beautiful woman with long hair of spun silver urging them to help a mysterious figure: a man locked in struggle in the middle of a forest grove. Seemingly frozen in place, the man's look of desperation haunted their dreams. Drawn to travel to the continent of Elesia, the Dreamers met in the small mountain outpost of Areoll. Nestled in the heart of a popular trade pass through the mountains, the Dreamers found each other and formed a fast friendship and comraderie while the town was snowed in by way of an enchanted orb. While tasked with hunting down a murderous killer who had slain many with a stilleto blow to the back of the neck, the Dreamers' story truly began. Beset by monsters, gods, and a vast enemy empire, the Dreamers story took shape as one of tragedy and mistakes, as well as hope and heroism. Perhaps you will look upon them and see a group of companions. Perhaps you will see heroes. But, whatever you see, know that their passage through the world will be long remembered.

 Taba Cousland- Last to join the Dreamers on the Grand Avenue of Horadar, this inquistor is a member of the mysterious order known as the Gray, and taps into the wild magic of the world in his quest to control or destroy all who would abuse magic.
Zirul of the Draketouched- A young Half-Elven sorceror of an ancient draconic bloodline, Zirul's past is a tragic one of love and loss. Heir to a position of command in the evil raiders known as The Draketouched, Zirul has abandoned his family and seeks to gain the power he will need to defeat his father, nominal head of the Draketouched's Triumverate council.